Labor Day Monday 9/2, I had Andrew and his 12 year old son Aidan from Chester, NJ out for a 4hr bay trip for blowfish. Once we got set up on anchor with the chum in the water, the father son duo wasted no time catching blowfish on their first drops. They had a blast catching close to 80 blowfish as well as juvenile porgies, sea bass, and 2 nice kingfish. Aidan was all about catch and release, so they kept 30 blowfish and 1 of the kingfish for dinner and released everything else to swim and catch another day. I taught him how to clean the blowfish, which was easy since we are both lefties, and he was very excited to say that he caught, cleaned, and cooked the fish all on his own. Great job today guys and we look forward to getting you out for striped bass in the fall!



Sunday 9/1, we attempted to make it outside for a 6hr ocean fluke trip, but were greeted with with over 20 knots of East wind and short period and steep seas to go with it when we broke the inlet. We could not get to where we wanted to fish, and with a drift of over 2 knots we decided to call a quits and reschedule the trip, hoping for much better conditions next time.


We hope that everyone had a great Labor Day weekend with family, friends, and fishing!

Saturday 8/31, I had return client Mike along with his wife Lisa, and her cousin Melanie, for a 5hr blowfish/clamming bay charter. We spent the first half of the trip catching over 50 blowfish, keeping 30 for the table. The second half of the trip, we had a clamming spot all to ourselves and they were able to rake and tread close to 300 clams to go along with the blowfish for a nice dinner. We look forward to seeing you guys again in November for striped bass.



I had David and his 8yr old son Desi from Manhattan, NY out for a 5hr fluke trip. We started working the same areas as the day prior but could not find the same life and action which I believe was due to a decent size ground swell out there that we did not have the day before. The drift conditions were very poor so we had to work extra hard to catch some fish. This was their first time jigging for fluke and they managed to catch 25 shorts as well as 3 keepers, 19-21”, to take home for dinner. Desi really wanted to see a cutlassfish and we ended up catching one midway through the trip. He is a very smart kid and all he wanted to do was learn everything that he could while he was out there. He enjoyed measuring every single fish and helped to tie the boat up as well. He watched me tie up one cleat then was able to do the other one all by himself with no questions asked. He has a great fishing career ahead of him and we hope to be able to get you guys on some striped bass in the fall!



I had Brian, his wife AnnMarie, and daughter Courtney from Columbus, NJ out for a 5hr ocean fluke trip. We worked several wrecks and pieces of structure and found a ton of life everywhere with fish feeding at every spot. The trio lost count but caught well over 30 short fluke that were all in the 17” range. We had to weave through the aggressive shorts that kept biting but were able to pick up 3 nice keepers in the 20-22” range and well as a very nice 3lb sea bass to add to the mix. They did a great job jigging, catching at least 5 shorts each drift. We also caught a first for me today which was a fluke who had its eyes and mouth on the same side as that of a winter flounder. Great job today and we look forward to having you guys back out in the fall for striped bass!



I ran an open boat trip due to a cancellation. I had Walt from Doylsetown, PA as well as Paul and his two daughters Alyson and Holly from PA out for a 5hr ocean trip. We started working the same areas as the day before and immediately put a keeper on the boat on the first drift. We picked at a few shorts but the action was not as steady as the previous day. At the end of the trip we made some very short drifts and found some new life. I stayed out later to make a few more drifts and it paid off with a nice 3.5lb fish. We ended the trip catching close to 20 shorts as well as 2 keepers, which were caught by both of the girls. They did a great job and we look forward to seeing you in the fall for striped bass!



I fished the New Level Clothing Fluke Tournament to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project with Jess and my father. We worked a countless amount of areas trying to find some nice size keepers but it was very hard. We had our chance with a very nice fish that my dad had but it broke off under the boat before we had a shot with the net. We ended the day with 2 keepers, releasing one hoping for good karma for a bigger fish. We also had well over 40 shorts. There was definitely no lack of action, but the keepers did not want to cooperate for us. We had a great time fishing for a great cause. We were also greeted with a cutlassfish on the first drop. We have been catching them every trip recently.



Sunday 8/4- I had Jay and Melissa out with their 7 year old son Justin for a 5hr ocean fluke/sea bass trip. Justin wasted no time putting a nice keeper sea bass in the box on his first drop followed by another keeper sea bass right after that. They also caught a dozen short fluke and sea bass as well. We had to end the trip a few hours early due to an unforeseen circumstance, but for only making a couple drifts, they were able to put a keeper fluke and 2 keeper sea bass in the box in quick time. We definitely left the fish biting. Great job today Justin! We look forward to seeing you guys out in the fall for a striped bass trip!



Saturday 8/3 - I had Ed and his son and son in laws Bruce, Brian, and Henry out for a 6hr ocean fluke/sea bass trip. This was their first time jigging for fluke and they caught on very quick. The group was able to catch 25 short fluke which were all mainly 16-17.5”. We tried working several different areas but the keepers did not want to cooperate for us, but a great time was still had by all!



I had Joe and his friends Joe, Mario, and Jamie from NY out for a 6hr ocean fluke/sea bass trip. We started the trip working some of the same areas as Saturday but did not have any luck due to the conditions not being in our favor. We went from no drift the day before to way too much of a drift, drifting at 1.8-2.0kts. We tried several areas of open bottom but could only manage to catch some shorts. We also had a ribbon fish jumping along side of the boat at one point to add some excitement. The guys fished hard and never gave up. They shared lots of laughs as they kept saying that it was much better than being at work. We will get you guys on some fish in a few weeks!



I had Kevin and his girlfriend Jamie from Forked River, NJ out for a 6hr ocean fluke/sea bass trip. This was their first time jigging for fluke so there were quite a few swings and misses before they started to get the hang of it. There was little to no drift so there wasn’t a ton of action, but we were able to work some pieces of structure and catch over a dozen shorts as well as 2 solid keepers that were 25” and 21.5”, weighing in at 6.0lbs and 4.0lbs. Halfway through the trip we were also surrounded by hundreds of spinner sharks jumping out of the water and a couple of them even hit the side of the boat. We hooked up with a couple and Kevin and Jamie were able to catch and release their first sharks. It was a great day on the water and we’ll see you guys during the fall striped bass season!



Sunday 7/21 I had Mike and his friend Will from PA out for a 6hr ocean fluke/sea bass trip. We worked several areas but could not get the fluke to cooperate and only caught a handful of shorts. We switched to target sea bass but they did not want to cooperate either and only picked 1 keeper and a ling. We switched gears for the last 2 hours of the trip and the duo put a beating on cocktail blues and mackerel. For over 2 hours, they had fish on every single cast and it was a blast on light tackle. They kept a few bluefish for the table and went home with a mixed bag of fish. Thanks for coming out guys and we hope to see you guys again soon!


Sunday we were able to run offshore with some good friends. Last minute we changed our minds as to where we were running to, but were rewarded with great fishing. We went 8/8 on bluefin up to 40lbs, having our limit on the boat before 6am. We also caught a lonesome Bonita. We had the fish dialed in and could have caught more, but we left the area in search of an over but did not have any luck. Great day on the water with a great group of people.



We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! This past weekend we changed it up a bit to try and avoid the holiday boat traffic.

We did a family blowfish trip which resulted in over 50 jumbo blowfish. There were not any small blowfish mixed in at all. The bite was slow and steady but at the end of the day, my mom won by saying how the blowfish were “too cute to keep” so they’re still out there swimming if anyone wants to go target them. We also did a clamming trip over the weekend as well. The clamming was great with clean clams ranging from little necks to chowders.